Carver Gymnasium and Sports Complex

October 15th, 2016


North Coast Completes the Carver Gymnasium Sports Complex

Congratulations to the North Coast Iron Corp crew  and Local 86 Ironworkers for another very fine performance.

North Coast announces the completion of the structural and miscellaneous steel for the new and renovated Western Washington University Carver Gymnasium and Sports Complex. The 73 million dollar expansion and seismic upgrade of the sports complex presented some very complex erection challenges that were flawlessly performed by a very experienced team of iron workers that executed very effectively together.  The new 3 story complex included 3 gymnasiums and a central corridor and well as an east side expansion to facilitate training and classrooms to support the sports programs of WWU.

North Coast Iron and the experienced local 86 iron workers threaded the needle, so to speak, by inserting a 120′ long, 17 ton single piece truss inside of an existing gymnasium with the orchestrated use of two 90 ton cranes working in tandem to squeeze the truss in the side of the old gym with just 1-1/2 inches of clearance. North Coast then designed and built a custom trolley system to trundle the 17 ton piece across a two story balcony and into position before re-rigging and hoisting the truss into place though 2 surgically placed 8″ diameter holes drilled through the roof above. The waiting two cranes then were able to drop hooks back inside and hoist the ponderous piece onto waiting pedestals. The success of this unforeseen critical engineered complex lift was the result of Jim Carpenetti’s months of planning and the team work between Mortenson Construction, Dawson Construction and the Iron workers of Local 86.

Led by  Mason Brooks, the team of iron workers and welders were very effective hand rigging the seismic steel into the historic 1935  gymnasium and providing tons of filler metal while welding out  the huge brace frames to support the original structure with new bones.

Thanks to Local 86 and Jack Baker in particular for your safe and professional performance.

Raising the Central Core






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North Coast Iron Corp Receives AISC Certification!

May 5th, 2016

North Coast Iron Corp is proud to announce the recent American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified Steel Erector (CSE) certification. The industry’s recognition of North Coast Iron Corps safety and procedures policies  is an endorsement of the expertise and attention to detail that our team  of steel erectors bring to each project. The certification is a measure of our commitment to training, procedures and experience that helps make North Coast Iron a favored partner on any steel erection project.

The CSE certification process pays special attention to safety, documentation,  project management and foreman qualifications as the means to ensure a high quality and safe steel erection project that meets or exceeds the expectations of even the most stringent structural engineers.

North Coast Iron is headquartered in Anacortes, Washington and provides steel erection services in Washington and California.

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NCIC Completes another Seattle Mid-Rise for SRM Development

December 14th, 2015

North Coast Iron crews provided the structural steel erection and structural welding as well as miscellaneous steel erection for another high-end, mixed use, downtown Seattle mid-rise building called, “The Astro”. Headed by Eric Petersen and James Wilkins of SRM Development, the project was completed on 5/18/2015. North Coast Iron crews continue steel erection work with SRM Development in Ballard, Washington.

StoreFront    Back

A nine story mid-rise with two-hundred and eleven living spaces situated on 1st Avenue N. in historic lower Queen Anne.







StairsSpiral Stair



For more information on The Astro, visit:

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NCIC Awarded First Tsunami Safe Haven in America

April 30th, 2015


North Coast Iron is pleased to announce it has joined in a partnership with Sun Steel, LLC to provide the steel package for the first Tsunami Safe Haven Project on the West Coast. North Coast Iron has been chosen to provide the steel erection and structural welding for the 1st of many planned Tsunami Safe Haven Projects.

North Coast Iron is proud and honored to be a part of this new wave of tsunami safe shelters in North America. The award of the structural steel framework for the Ocosta Elementary School is a product of those who are forward thinking about the likelihood of a massive tsunami on the West Coast and how we will keep our citizens safe. Many residents in Grays Harbor County, WA realized they were in a dangerous situation when they watched the tsunami destruction in Japan. The Tsunami Safe Haven project brings together the planning of FEMA, NOAA, DNR, Washington State Emergency Management Division, University of Washington Mitigation Institute and Tribal Nations along with the dedicated community members of Grays Harbor to better serve our nation and our communities.    The local populous passed a bond measure for the new school to include extra deep and larger concrete piles supporting a flat concrete and structural steel reinforced roof on the school gymnasium. This heavily welded steel roof structure and steel brace system will provide temporary safety to more than one thousand citizens. Four stairways lead up to the structurally reinforced roof to make it accessible to many in an emergency. The height of this vertical safe haven will be about 14 feet higher than the predicted highest possible waves and debris.
North Coast Iron fields a very experienced team of erectors and welders and is especially sensitive to the community of Westport and Grays Harbor County because they are also situated as a seaside community in Anacortes, Washington.

North Coast Iron’s welders will begin welding the massive concrete reinforcing bars the first week of April and look forward to the completion of the of the Safe Harbor Project that so many have invested countless hours.

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Camp Pendleton–Combat Training Tank P- 1008

April 10th, 2015

North Coast Iron is proud to be provided the subcontract for the steel detailing, fabrication and installation of  the new P-1008 Combat Training Tank at Camp Pendelton, California.  The team at North Coast Iron will be assembling the structural and miscellaneous steel for the new tank.  NCIC is glad to be working along with Valor Constructors, Inc. and  A&D General Contracting to put this project together for the Federal Government.


The Basic Training at Camp Pendleton will be greatly enhanced by the construction of the new tank.  Water survival and safety is of utmost importance and our team of structural steel assemblers will be doing their top rate work as always.  Stand by for pictures as we get underway!

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New Mixed Use Midrise Building In Seattle

January 15th, 2015

North Coast Iron Corp. is excited to be awarded another RAFN project in Seattle, Washington. A mixed use midrise building of 175,000 sq. ft. and 234 dwelling units to be added to the Wallingford neighborhood in North Seattle. North Coast will provide the structural and miscellaneous steel erection for Joe Nascimento and the RAFN Company.


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North Coast Crews Standing Tall!

November 20th, 2014

North Coast Crews top out the structural and miscellaneous steel at 43 stories above the sidewalks in Downtown Seattle. The Bosa Project, known as the Insignia, located at 5th and Bell, just a few blocks from the iconic Space Needle is nearing completion. North Coast crews are very proud of the wrap up of the structural scope at the roof top level and look forward to Phase II, The North Tower.


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Statement of Concern

July 9th, 2014

North Coast Iron Corp is deeply saddened by the tragic accident that occurred on January 6, 2014 resulting in the death of our friend and coworker, Aaron Adair. The Company is committed to the health and safety of every employee.

Following the accident, the Department of Labor & Industries conducted an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. The Department’s investigation has resulted in the issuance of a Citation. North Coast Iron strongly disagrees with the findings and conclusions of the Department’s investigation. The Company takes particular exception to the Department’s press release concerning its findings that “Workers lacked adequate personal fall protection equipment,” “Workers were not given specific training in fall-protection hazard recognition and requirements,” and its classification of any alleged violations as willful, and considers such statements as absolutely inaccurate. The Company intends to appeal the Citations and proposed penalties.

Aaron Adair was a talented and experienced ironworker with adequate safety equipment and resources at his disposal. He demonstrated the knowledge and ability to work safely at height on many other projects for North Coast Iron, as well as at previous employers, both union (Local 86) and non-union.

North Coast Iron understands its responsibility to provide and promote a safe workplace. The Company has expended extensive time and resources in building and improving safety programs to comply with the regulatory requirements of multiple state and federal agencies. This effort includes the training of its employees to comply with these regulations as well as other safe workplace behaviors. In light of these efforts, we find the investigation’s results, including some of the characterizations, highly disappointing.

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