Carver Gymnasium and Sports Complex

October 15th, 2016


North Coast Completes the Carver Gymnasium Sports Complex

Congratulations to the North Coast Iron Corp crew  and Local 86 Ironworkers for another very fine performance.

North Coast announces the completion of the structural and miscellaneous steel for the new and renovated Western Washington University Carver Gymnasium and Sports Complex. The 73 million dollar expansion and seismic upgrade of the sports complex presented some very complex erection challenges that were flawlessly performed by a very experienced team of iron workers that executed very effectively together.  The new 3 story complex included 3 gymnasiums and a central corridor and well as an east side expansion to facilitate training and classrooms to support the sports programs of WWU.

North Coast Iron and the experienced local 86 iron workers threaded the needle, so to speak, by inserting a 120′ long, 17 ton single piece truss inside of an existing gymnasium with the orchestrated use of two 90 ton cranes working in tandem to squeeze the truss in the side of the old gym with just 1-1/2 inches of clearance. North Coast then designed and built a custom trolley system to trundle the 17 ton piece across a two story balcony and into position before re-rigging and hoisting the truss into place though 2 surgically placed 8″ diameter holes drilled through the roof above. The waiting two cranes then were able to drop hooks back inside and hoist the ponderous piece onto waiting pedestals. The success of this unforeseen critical engineered complex lift was the result of Jim Carpenetti’s months of planning and the team work between Mortenson Construction, Dawson Construction and the Iron workers of Local 86.

Led by  Mason Brooks, the team of iron workers and welders were very effective hand rigging the seismic steel into the historic 1935  gymnasium and providing tons of filler metal while welding out  the huge brace frames to support the original structure with new bones.

Thanks to Local 86 and Jack Baker in particular for your safe and professional performance.

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